• The Worlds First 3D Treasure Hunt
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About 3D Treasure Hunt

Our online, 3D, avatar driven Treasure Hunt is a challenging yet thrilling adventure for professional and occasional gamers, puzzlers and gamblers. The Treasure Hunt is filled with cryptic clues, observation questions and other captivating puzzles. Each of our top prizes – £10,000,000 cash, £5,000,000 cash, £3,000,000 Yacht, a £2,000,000 Chalet in the Alps, a £5,000,000 Apartment in London, £1,000,000 Space Flight, a £100,000 Porsche, a £50,000 Watch & a round of Golf with Tiger Woods- require a different ticket for you to enter our 3D Treasure Hunt environment. You will be offered hundreds of other tempting, valuable prizes along your chosen path; whether you want to be in the treasure hunt for the long haul or not, you still have a good chance of walking away with an exceptional prize.

The Treasure Hunt is also a great way to make new friendships or strengthen existing ones as the client software used to play the Treasure Hunt doubles as a social network. (more about 3B) During your adventure you will discover and interact with a number of real players and places giving you more opportunity to feel like a winner, perhaps you could help a fellow player achieve their goal or discover an amazing item from a store you would never have come across without the Treasure Hunt. Joining the Treasure Hunt costs a little as £3 and you will be solving puzzles within minutes. (JOIN THE 3D TREASURE HUNT)